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A Newcomer or Two ~TS

September 20th, 2013, 11:47 pm

"Sheesh, lighten up~!"

"Oh, your still at it aren't you?!"

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September 20th, 2013, 11:50 pm


Timeforanewlookatthings -In a field, Kami and Patchy have been spotted by two girls, the horned one talks to Kami like they know eachother asking her for a rematch, while the other girl tries to rush her away to something seemingly more important-

???: Hey Kap', how's it been~?
Kami: Oh, you again? Look, I'm busy trying to find a friend here.
???: Oh come ON, you know my name well enough; though really, we're looking for someone, too. So let's make our scavenger hunt more... interesting?
Kami: I'm not here to play games or fight you. I have more important things to deal with!
???2: Please, Lydia, We can't wait have her wait too long! We both know what happens if she's left alone by herself!
Lydia: Hush, Hannah. Adults are talking.
Hannah: But, I'm older than you...
Kami: Ugh...
Patchy: [ Tee hee~! Friendly friends~! ]

*meanwhile, somewhere far from the field*

Nancy: My my... a spectral dog? Amazing!
???: I know, he's very smart and lovable. I just wish I could find his past owner.
Nancy: [ Past owner? ] What do you mean?

-Watch and be warned, this isn't just another story...-

My first time showing off a few of my characters for a story and project "Healing Acid", sadly, the real story won't be projected into sprites( Iapologizespritecommunityformakingthisnotathinginthere. '^' ). These charas are the main cast of the story, and I hope to have this become something REAL in the future, but for now, enjoy comics and drawings.

C+C would be very lovely if possible.

All Chara's belong to me

Original sprites belong to their respectful owners


September 16th, 2019, 10:05 pm


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